jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

This is my blog and here you will find information about my day to day!

This blog was made to work in the field of English, I am on the second level at the University URBE.

Hi People, I'm Francis Jimenez, Catira tell me, I'm from Maracaibo Venezuela, live in La Victoria, Currently I have 17 years and studied law at URBE

The first in my life is my beautiful family, My mom is my pillar and my support, my dad a wonderful human being and my reason for living small is my sister Maria Fernanda is the light of my eyes! Without them I could not live, I love you!

I love movies, I'm a fan of the Cullen vampires, or better known as The Twilight Saga, I love music, my favorite singers are: Ricardo Arjona, Il Divo, Servando & Florentino, Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin.

I like to eat in restaurants with my family and friends, I like pastiche, pasta, fish.

My weakness is chocolate ice cream, LOVE IT! It seems so PERFECT!

HATE THE CIGAR! I can not stand the smell, I hate to wake me, injustice and deception.

In my afternoon, go to the gym, I go to amuse myself, I enjoy reading, sharing, and partying on the weekends lol.

I think that English is an essential tool for us in our educational, like me, it distracts me and I enjoy it.


About my friends, the best are Albelina and Manuel certainly fulfill the same week lol! August certainly is the most beautiful months of the year.

Here 's a picture of us three, future lawyers.
From the beginning until the end. 

 I hope you enjoy my blog and we can establish a good network. 

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