martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


I live in a big apartment, in the third floor. Apartment 3-2, in my apartment there is three quarters, three baths, a big room, a kitchen, a washer and we have 3 parkings.

 My favorite part of the house is my room I adore her, amuse myself playing, also I rest and study.

 Sometimes, I go away to the room or to the study to studying.

The schedule of my day after day

 Of Monday I wake to Friday up at 5:00 a.m., to bath to dress and to go away to the 6.30 for the University #URBE have class from 7:00 am until 11:00 am, generally at 12:00 of the Half Day I am on returning to my house, lunch and sleep until 3:00 p.m., to the 4.00 pm am going to the gymnasium or to walk in the Path try to train 2 daily hours and already at 8:00 pm am on returning to my house to sleep.

The weekends, in general I get up very late sometimes to the half day, I like to spend it in family, with friends and to plan some exits for the night.


Hello, this I am I San Isidro was finding in Merida in the hotel His Castle in a beautiful late afternoon, I am charmed with them!!

 In this photo, I am dressed in a few simple trousers, a flannel aeropostale dark Mansion, a few white sandals, in the free hair.

For my trips, I me like to dress simple, trousers, chemises, blouses, do not use heels for the trips.

To go out to malls, social meetings and holidays if I me like to dress very well, I use short and long dresses 
I AM CHARMED WITH ALL, I love the very high heels, I me like to make up bién, use accessories and to combine the purses.

In general, I am very flirtatious and I like to shine well for the occasion.

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

This is my blog and here you will find information about my day to day!

This blog was made to work in the field of English, I am on the second level at the University URBE.

Hi People, I'm Francis Jimenez, Catira tell me, I'm from Maracaibo Venezuela, live in La Victoria, Currently I have 17 years and studied law at URBE

The first in my life is my beautiful family, My mom is my pillar and my support, my dad a wonderful human being and my reason for living small is my sister Maria Fernanda is the light of my eyes! Without them I could not live, I love you!

I love movies, I'm a fan of the Cullen vampires, or better known as The Twilight Saga, I love music, my favorite singers are: Ricardo Arjona, Il Divo, Servando & Florentino, Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin.

I like to eat in restaurants with my family and friends, I like pastiche, pasta, fish.

My weakness is chocolate ice cream, LOVE IT! It seems so PERFECT!

HATE THE CIGAR! I can not stand the smell, I hate to wake me, injustice and deception.

In my afternoon, go to the gym, I go to amuse myself, I enjoy reading, sharing, and partying on the weekends lol.

I think that English is an essential tool for us in our educational, like me, it distracts me and I enjoy it.


About my friends, the best are Albelina and Manuel certainly fulfill the same week lol! August certainly is the most beautiful months of the year.

Here 's a picture of us three, future lawyers.
From the beginning until the end. 

 I hope you enjoy my blog and we can establish a good network.