martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


Hello, this I am I San Isidro was finding in Merida in the hotel His Castle in a beautiful late afternoon, I am charmed with them!!

 In this photo, I am dressed in a few simple trousers, a flannel aeropostale dark Mansion, a few white sandals, in the free hair.

For my trips, I me like to dress simple, trousers, chemises, blouses, do not use heels for the trips.

To go out to malls, social meetings and holidays if I me like to dress very well, I use short and long dresses 
I AM CHARMED WITH ALL, I love the very high heels, I me like to make up bién, use accessories and to combine the purses.

In general, I am very flirtatious and I like to shine well for the occasion.

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